English E-Teach

The E-Teach program involves supplementing traditional educational methods with new & advanced technology in the form of audio-visual techniques, such as a DVD Teaching Aid. This project was initiated so that deprived backward primary level schools could develop and grow. Due to it's attractive features and use of advanced technology, the E-Teach program provides a promising opportunity for primary school students to develop a strong foundation in the English language.


This program was initiated by the Bombay Community Public Trust (BCPT) in Mumbai Mahanagar schools in 2011. The E-Teach DVD Tool was conceived at Tata Interactive System, a state level enterprise which develops interactive tools in the field of education and is supported financially by it's sister institution, Tech Mahindra Foundation.

In the near future, English academic studies for Marathi medium students is sought to be developed. The E-Teach DVD Tool was first used in the English E-Teach training program by Learning Space Foundation and Bombay Community Public Trust members in 2011, in the Thane district amongst deprived areas in the Wada-Bhiwandi Taluka.

Recent surveys show Thane, Palghar, Latur, Satara and Raigad districts used the E-Teach Program in 3856 schools, in which 2,02,565 students are reaping the benefits.


If teachers collectively become well-acquainted to undertake the English E-Teach program for Non-English Medium Schools in Maharashtra, then students will undoubtedly become more proficient in their English language skills. The key is to make the teacher comfortable and familiar with the English language.

Achievements of the Program:

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