Intern with us

Learning Space offers students around the globe the chance to work as an intern and thereby enrich their life experience by performing selfless service for the wider rural community. In this way, they not only become acquainted with the various challenges posed to those in rural India, but become a means for providing solutions. The radically different environment present in rural India as compared to the well-developed cities in which many interns have been born and raised offers a desirable opportunity for the urban youth to hone and implement their knowledge and skills. By creating such bilateral relationships between the city and village, we endeavour to establish a quintessential platform for extensive work to continue in the future.

International Internship Program - Princeton University 

The Learning Space Foundation has begun an association with Princeton University through which two students have taken up an eight-week online internship. The Princeton International Internship Program pairs undergraduate students with summer internships in organisations around the world. Patrice McGivney and Sophie Singletary are currently working and learning with LSF employees, beneficiaries and supporters through a virtual format.

Sophie Singletary

Sophie is in her third year studying International and Public Affairs. She says, "I am grateful for the opportunity to learn all about the ways Learning Space serves its community and excited to see it grow into a global impact."

Patrice McGivney

Patrice is in her third year studying Slavic Languages and Literature. She states My internship with Learning Space has been a way to connect across borders and experience another part of the world even though it is virtual."

Katrina MacPhee is a university student studying Social Work seeking a career to end human trafficking and advocate for human rights. It was her passion for helping those in need that drew her to offer her services to LSF as an intern. She found her experience to be productive in furthering her future social work prospects as she learnt more about the field. in particular about the importance of education in rural India. A few words about her experience from her perspective are shared below.

"I want to thank you again for the opportunity for my internship with the Learning Space Foundation. As, I mentioned in my report, I learned many aspects of social work while working to bring a website together for Education at Your Doorstep. I am honored I was able to be a part of the project that helps provide education to children. Education should be a right not a privilege. I so appreciate the efforts and hard work from the Learning Space team to advocate and support rural communities. I hope one day I will be able to come visit you, Donna, the LSF team and of course the children."

Short-Term Internship of Urban College Students

Internship by ITM Management School students in November 2017

The PGDM at the ITM, Dombivli sent its first-year Diploma students to LSF to volunteer to research into the sanitation needs of girls studying in rural middle-level & high schools. A group of 7 students conducted the research and supported to make a video film on the newly initiated ‘SafeSpace’ Girls’ Restroom & Sanitation project in that year. 

Internship by the Management school students of PTVIM in October 2019

The first year students of the Parle Tilak Vidyalaya’s Institute of Management in Vile Parle. Mumbai participated in an internship program in October 2019 where one group conducted an assessment of the English Language Development in Vernacular Primary School (ELDVPS) project implemented for 3 years from 2017-20.

Another group of students from the same Institute researched on the livelihood options of homemakers and educated girls in the native communities of the Wada Taluka in Palghar district, and initiated the project ‘Saksham’ for setting up a unit of sewing machines for offering livelihood to unemployed educated girls & women. Later the project Saksham was able to support many women and girls to make a livelihood from stitching up cloth masks & scarves for use during the Covid pandemic