Community Connect

LSF aims to bridge the gap in the education ecosystem by enabling children and youth in rural areas to achieve their dreams and shape their future through various courses and programmes.

The Community Connect program attempts to bring students and corporate employees from different parts of the world as visitors or volunteers to get a glimpse of rural India and facilitate in bettering the educational opportunities for the locals in the villages of Tansa River Valley (Maharashtra).

 Top Learning Themes for Schools/Colleges

Nature Lovers

Expose urban learners to nature away from the concrete jungles and virtual life they are accustomed to and appreciate their natural surroundings.

Each One Teach One

Allow urban learners to engage with rural school kids, teach them a skill they know and come back with wonderful memories!

Fun & Learn

Urban Learners get exposed to different art forms and hear inspiring stories - helping them attain a broader perspective of rural India and instill pride in their heritage!

Village Fair or Exhibition

Have urban learners showcase their talent and organize an exhibition or fair in the field of art or science and allow for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and knowledge!

Program Benefits for Schools

Program Benefits for LSF