Crowd Funding

Would you like to champion a worthy cause and be a star fundraiser for village children’s education?

Keishaa Varma, an 11th-grade student from Mumbai launched her website to showcase her painting creations and raise funds for rural causes. 

"I have always believed that we all are equipped to lend a helping hand to those in need. Using my hobby of painting as an instrument, I felt I could contribute to society in my own small way and that is how Peach was born. I hope you join us in this small effort to make the world a better place. " 

-Keishaa Varma

We are proud of Keishaa Varma for her amazing talent, and sincerity & dedication to supporting the 'SarvaPrathamik - Kaushalyapurna Shikshan' (Education at Your Doorstep) project at Learning Space Foundation, and for raising funds from sale of painted umbrellas for the cause.

Collective Crowdfunding by High School Students

JNS 12th Grade students crowdfund the ‘Step4Girls’ project at LSF in October 2022 through the Fuel-A-Dream crowdfunding portal and helped support a comprehensive girls’ education, health & nutrition program for over 150 remotely located rural high school girls facing tremendous hardships and pushed to the brink of education. This crowdfunding effort was a huge success for over 150 12th grade JNS students who could collect donations to the project from about 1100 individuals, groups and companies.

A video that delves into the impact of this project, taking the viewer into the lives of some of the beneficiary girls of this project is here for your viewing