Step4Girls - Bavishni

Our Mission

Our mission is to intervene in crises situations of rural high school girls, to bridge gaps in their education & health-care and act as a catalyst by empowering the rural girls with the power to live their dreams.

The Goal

To provide complete support for education, health care and nutrition for a sustained period of 18 to 24 months for a selected group of 125 high school girls hailing from severely financially challenged rural families with no education or health care support, thereby improving their health status and reducing the school drop-out/absenteeism rate.



Ground Reality

What problems does a rural high school girl encounter while attending a day-long school?


Targeted Beneficiary Students

JNS 12th Grade students crowdfund the ‘Step4Girls’ project at LSF in October 2022 through the Fuel-A-Dream crowdfunding portal and helped support a comprehensive girls’ education, health & nutrition program for over 150 remotely located rural high school girls facing tremendous hardships and pushed to the brink of education. This crowdfunding effort was a huge success for over 150 students of 12th-grade JNS students who could collect donations to the project from about 1100 individuals, groups and companies.

A video that delves into the impact of this project, taking the viewer into the lives of some of the beneficiary girls of this project is here for your viewing

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