English Language Development in Vernacular Primary Schools(ELD-VPS)

Since its conception in June 2011, ELDVPS has intervened with over 300 Zilla Parishad schools in Wada and Bhiwandi and taken 3785 children a step closer to achieving their dreams.

Learning Space recognised that children in Zilla Parishad schools do not have the requisite environment to learn English. The teachers are from nearby areas and therefore not satisfactorily trained to teach English because their own exposure to the language is limited. In addition, there is a major lack of infrastructure which makes learning English difficult for children.

LSF developed custom E-Teach modules to complement the curriculum prescribed by the Govt. of Maharashtra for vernacular schools. In the E-Teach model of learning, the class teacher makes use of a TV, projector or a computer. The teacher is assisted by the EET content to explain objects/phrases as well as the correct pronunciation. LSF facilitators support the teachers to make proper use of the equipment and aid their English teaching skills with classroom activities.

The content in E-Teach modules is formulated keeping in mind the needs of students as well as teachers alike. The standard use of English, correct pronunciation, sentence formation and other nuances of the language are covered in the module.  With the help of Zilla Parishad officials, LSF has been able to improve English language proficiency of teachers in over 300 schools, while improving the quality of English learning for 3785 students over a period of almost 9 years. 

Beneficiaries and Areas of Intervention

LSF’s focus is on the vernacular Zilla Parishad primary schools facing teaching challenges. LSF facilitators participate in teacher training programs designed to improve their English proficiency and teaching skills. In this way, LSF bestows schools with the obligatory teaching material and necessary infrastructure to create an environment that fosters the growth and development of rural children.


These 3785 students are now able to

While the teachers are able to use the modules efficiently, their personal command over the language has also improved significantly.

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