E-Kit for Primary schools

About E-Kit for Primary schools

The E-Kit installation project is one of our latest partnership projects being promoted by the Rotary Club of Downtown Sea-land. LSF is the implementation partner has covered 155 schools in the Wada block of Palghar. The Rotary wanted to enhance the teaching and learning experience at Zilla Parishad schools. They took a step towards digitizing education by installing 120 32" Smart LED TVs at these schools. The smart TVs have been updated with syllabus-based content and the teachers are provided training to make use of the E-Kits effectively.

Beneficiaries and Areas of Intervention

E-Kit’s are installed in the primary classes of Zilla Parishad schools. As a result, children get accustomed to the digital learning process early in life. Teachers of these schools are taught to make use of the kits so as to make them an integral part of the learning process.


Continuous training and extensive installations across 120 Zilla Parishad schools have enhanced the learning environment for 76901 children across the Wada block. As a result of the ongoing efforts:

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