SarvaPrathamik - Kaushalyapurna Shikshan
Imparting age-appropriate development skills through the English Language, to  early and primary rural learners

Due to the onset of the corona pandemic, rural children in India have been struggling to obtain a quality education. The Learning Space Foundation came up with an innovative solution to help bridge the gap during these unprecedented times.


A new model meticulously adhering to the guidelines outlined in the National Education Policy in 2020 was created and has been introduced to about 500 early and primary learners in the remotely located villages of the Thane and Palghar districts in Maharashtra. It contains an effective 360-degree assessment that grades a child in both cognitive and life skills.

In 2022, the model was revised and called SarvaPrathamik. It is designed to be a wholesome developmental program where rural children can continue their educational journey despite the COVID pandemic and beyond.

LSF implemented it in 19 villages throughout Wada, Bhiwandi & Vikramgad in the Thane-Palghar area.

The SarvaPrathamik learning system is designed to be a wholesome developmental model, for early & primary rural learners in Anganwadi & Zilla Parishad schools respectively. By empowering children, teachers, parents and the community, it has brought quality education for every child through offering an integrated form of learning and development to children in the remote villages of India. 

The model primarily targets age-appropriate developmental goals. It draws upon learning content from the Maharashtra Board Balbharati textbooks and delivers it to children in preschools and primary schools in compelling and interactive ways using creative handcrafted eco-friendly learning material.

This Early & Primary Learning Development project predominantly aims at the development of the child via focusing on age-appropriate skill enhancement. The developmental goals below were targeted and achieved by the project in the year 2021-22:

A. Language skills

B. Cognitive & Math skills

C. Interpersonal Social Skills

D. Social-Emotional Skills

E. Physical -Gross and Fine Motor skills

F. Intrapersonal & Spiritual skills

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