Computer Literacy for Schools

Over the past nine years, a computer literacy program run by LSF has set up 15 eLearning centres in 15 Zilla Parishad schools in Palghar, Wada, Vasai, and Dahanu. The program has enabled 3031 children to develop vital computer skills which qualify them for future opportunities to pursue higher education in the field of Information Technology.

Children at an early age like to become familiar with computers and engage willingly in the process. With time, technology becomes an integral part of their pastime and entices them to attend school.  Thereafter, children are able to learn basic computer skills as well as advanced IT applications.  Likewise, they can attend computer lessons and develop their own know-how to a higher proficiency.

The program not only focuses on learning computer skills but at the same time, soft skills such as eliminating the fear of handling technology and developing presentation skills. The broader objective of the program is to motivate tribal students to consider higher studies in the field of IT and empower them to pursue their dreams by imparting a skill critical for today’s workforce.

Beneficiaries and Areas of Intervention

Children from classes 5 to 9 from Zilla Parishad schools are taught computer skills to build a solid foundation at an early age. Fifteen centres across 15 schools have been set up which include a separate eLearning lab equipped with 10 computers and wireless internet.

These children have never been exposed to computers before and the LSF team initially spends time creating familiarity with the technology. Once acquainted, with the aid of qualified teachers, children start to learn basic and advance computer programs with ease.

LSF also takes into account the availability of electricity in the region and has installed UPS systems where required to endure power failures.


It is utterly gratifying to see 3031 children from Zilla Parishad schools participate in the eLearning program.  Many of them have fostered a practical level of working competence in MS Office and being able to produce small presentations as well as carrying out basic tasks (e.g. sending and receiving e-mails) whilst browsing the Internet. One of the key contributions of the students has been in converting the school’s hard copy data to soft copy databases by applying the skills they have acquired.

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