Supporting Rural Adolescent Girls' Education

Pride Moment for the Leaning Space Foundation

Indian CSR Award 2023

Best Women's Hygiene Project of the Year 2023

Learning Space Foundation (LSF) won the best project award for its 'SafeSpace' Girls' Restroom & Sanitation for Rural schools in the category of  'Best Women's Hygiene Project' - the award was presented by the Brand Honchos Group Indian CSR Awards to the Founder at LSF, Shri Nitin Orayan on 7th October evening at Hyatt Centric Hotel New Delhi.

We appeal to the large community of donors and NGOs working in the field of rural school sanitation and menstrual hygiene support to come forward and adopt this very useful project and implement it in many States and districts throughout the country. 

Our research in this field has proven results showing that over 90% adolescent school girls in remote rural areas drop out of school or severely lose out on education due to inadequate restroom sanitation facility, so step forward and support the 'Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao' work through this project.

'SafeSpace' Girls Sanitation Project

This project aims to make hygienic sanitation facilities available to girls studying in Zilla Parishad high schools, in the remote areas of Wada-Bhiwandi. The project was launched in 2018 and has covered 24 schools so far in the Wada & Bhiwandi Talukas of Palghar district. It is in the process of covering 7 more in the Chimur Taluka of the Chandrapur district. The SafeSpace project provides a complete sanitation solution in the form of comfortable and user-friendly restrooms for female students in rural schools.

Problem situation

Adolescents (especially females) in remotely located village schools are not provided with basic hygiene and sanitation facilities. Female students on the verge of puberty in the 5th and 6th stds, are subject to repeated absenteeism due to lack of suitable facilities at school. Often, girls barely 12 or 13 years of age, are forced to walk all the way home after school, despite experiencing pre-menstrual difficulty or whilst menstruating. On the whole, there was a need to address this problem, and construct as well as suitably furnish restrooms with bathroom & WC, in the comfort of a private space within the school premises. On the other hand, there is taboo regarding the topic of menstruation, where adolescent girls are not supported by anyone at home or school. As a result, this creates unnecessary stress and uncertainty, and in extreme circumstances, absenteeism or withdrawal from school completely. Over a period of 3-4 years, LSF worked on building a holistic solution to confront the problem.

 Components of the solution

Beneficiaries and Areas of Intervention

In rural schools, there are a lack of basic hygiene and sanitation facilities for girls. This starts to matter the most when girls reach puberty. More often than not, they have to miss school during their period of menstruation. Not only students, but female teachers also struggle to have their needs met. As the students are from underprivileged families, struggling to survive, female hygiene is not a priority.

Rural schools in under-developed areas lack toilet blocks and bathrooms. This project involves the construction of approximately 225 to 250 sq. ft. restrooms at schools in dire need. Counselling sessions, distribution of sanitary napkins, sessions on menstrual health management and several health check-up camps are held to create awareness regarding the need for facilities.


The project enables rural female students to access a complete sanitation solution while attending school. Through improved awareness of personal hygiene, this will result in good habits, better menstrual health and improved attendance at school.

Features of the Restroom 

Immediate outcomes of the project among beneficiaries

31 schools covered, around 2000+ female students and 50+ teachers now have access to better sanitation facilities. 

A. Wada Block in Thane District : 18 Zilla Parishad Schools & High School 

B. Vikramgad Block in Palghar District : 3 Zilla Parishad Schools

B. Chimur Block in Chandrapur District : 8 Zilla Parishad Schools

D. Bhiwandi Block in Thane District : 2 Zilla Parishad Schools

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Video Gallery

C TV News - SafeSpace Girls Sanitation Project 

Yadnika Patil -Student at Zilla Parishad school, Hamrapur

Kirti Patil - Volunteer with Girls' Restroom Project

Megha Patil - Member of Panchayat Samiti, Wada. Talking about the Space Project

Testimonial from the SBI Cheif Financial Officer

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