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Flood Affected Village School S.G. Patil High School Kelthan

The Saraswati Ganpat Patil Vidyalaya is a high school based in Kelthan, Maharashtra, on the outskirts of Mumbai registered as a Public Charitable Trust with the educational dept. state Govt. of Maharashtra, which receives partial relief for teachers’ salaries. The school has been officially active since 2001, as a high school offering 8th, 9th and 10th grade education to about 175 students of Kelthan and neighbouring villages, within a 5km radius.

Recurring flooding along Tansa, affecting the school’s infrastructure

The school is situated on the banks of the Tansa river, whose water level rises every year, especially during the heavy monsoons between July to September, flooding its riparian edges. Over the past decade, due to recurring floods, the school has faced irreparable damage to the building as well as the school utilities, making it hazardous for students and teachers to occupy the premises, in its a deteriorating state.

The proposed intervention involves building a total number of 7 classrooms on first floor level on stilts, which gives the school plenty of ground floor shade area to be used for various group activities, while all school utilities, classrooms and equipment stay on the first floor and therefore safe from flood water. 

Phase I Work Completion

The construction work started in early December 2022 and much of the last five months were spent on the plinth and base structure. The current status of the building is shown in the photos attached here. 

The construction is being closely monitored by the architect and his team who make regular visits to the location, and ensure that the architectural instructions and standards are followed by the contractor's staff.

The architectural drawing shows the plan for the first-floor section of Phase I which consists of 3 classrooms (in grey, to the left) that stand at the core of the Redevelopment plan. The 3 classrooms have been designed to seat up to 60 students in each classroom, comfortably.

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