Transforming Lives

Nita's Story

Nita belongs to a very remote village in the Bhiwandi Taluka in Thane district, Chimbipada, inhabited by schedule caste communities.

Her family members have been local leaders for two generations and being liberal-minded have supported Nita in completing her graduation in arts and her teaching diploma. Nita was elected as the Sarpanch (Village Head) and had responsibilities locally but she chose instead to enhance her skills and build a career in mainstream society.

In 2017, Nita was led by some friends to join the Learning Space Foundation’s English Language Development Project (ELDP) as a Trainee, and Nita took up the opportunity so that she could improve her language & communication skills to further her career opportunities.

With three years of training in English teaching, Nita was certified as a Master Trainer and Educator for primary learning in rural areas. Throughout the pandemic in 2020-21, she decided to polish her skills by making short videos to encourage online learning during the lockdown.

This effort led to LSF introducing a series of basic English videos for the benefit of primary rural learning and developing it as an online course for children across Maharashtra.

The effort further inspired Nita and her colleagues to work on a Covid Relief Education project named Education at Your Doorstep, and she spearheaded the work of creating a format for dispersing developmental education for all early and primary learners in her village.

Today, Nita leads the Education at your Doorstep project by executing every devised lesson plan, making videos of each lesson component, and improving upon the lesson plan with her own understanding through process of teaching the children in her village.

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