Nitin Orayan
Founder Trustee

Nitin Orayan is an Educator and Founder of India based nonprofit organization, Learning Space Foundation.

Nitin has completed his Diploma in Communications: Advertising and Marketing and comes with an experience of more than a decade. Beginning his career with running an independent advertising consultancy, designing launch campaigns for large scale companies and products, he took a plunge into the social sector after a life-changing experience in his late thirties.

With his vision and leadership, Learning Space has flourished and changed many lives. He is the nominee and winner of many awards recognizing his contribution to the social sector. He is the author of published books on self development and spirituality and his written work also includes short stories, blog and well portal publications.

Jamshed Banaji

Jamshed Banaji became a Trustee of Learning Space Foundation in 2009, after a period of considerable involvement with LSF.

Jamshed graduated with a B.Sc in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. He is Director of the reputed architectural practice Banaji & Associates established by his father in 1960.

He has spent over 25 years making rigorously simple and sustainable architecture that speaks of the fundamentals absorbed during his formative years of Architecture study.

He established Zaar Line in 1999, a design and build company which translates his designs into reality. Zaar Line also undertakes real estate development.

His personal experience defines that “it’s impossible to go through a single day without encountering architecture”, the built environment is entwined with every facet of life from our work to our homes, hobbies and social lives.

Jamshed has a wealth of business experience which has manifested him to be a member of “The Rotary Club of Bombay Main”.

He is director of “Sparkle Services Mumbai Pvt Ltd”, a housekeeping & facility management company. He is actively involved as a Trustee of Banaji Limji Agiary Trust; the oldest Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Mumbai.

He is married to Nirmala a prolific Architect who has influenced the new age vision of Banaji & Associates. She has been actively involved in all the trust activities and both their children Derezaar 21 & Taerra 18 have imbibed the love for giving and volunteering for various causes. Jamshed is an avid sportsman and loves adventure travel.

Jamshed is extremely excited about the future of LSF and the ever increasing responsibility of CSR’s involvement which ensures that sustainability initiatives are rooted in sound development theory and practice, without reinventing the wheel or exacerbating social issues.

To continuously learn and grow technical expertise in practical solutions such as project planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and social marketing for operations in complex environments with limited resources.

Dev Barrot

Dev Barrot has 22 years experience in the field of social work and has participated in wide range of social interventions. Including several eye surgery camps during his three years of time with a Non-Profit named Prasad Chikitsa in the Tansa River Valley region.

Dev has supported many initiatives of other non-profits as well and wanted to crate an impact in areas related to Education, Healthcare and Empowerment of communities. With Learning Space, he is instrumental in identifying & building resources, fund raising & donor development along with capacity building & mentoring the project heads.

Besides his active involvement in the social sphere, he has spent over two decades in the study of mindfulness and is also a meditation teacher & a wellness coach